W. Neto


I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, I have done several works related to the most varied artistic expressions. I studied Design and animation but music is what really moves me.

I always wanted to have an amazing band and I've been trying since I was a teenager, I was part of some groups and projects and I realized that the way was to set up a project in which everyone was as passionate as I was. I started playing the guitar when I was 13 but I only really understood that I wanted to make music after I was 22, something that has always been part of my life would actually be my biggest passion. In addition to the band Grande Elenco, I have an authorial work that I have been developing that expresses another musical side. I really believe in this band and I think we have a lot to add to the world of music.

Rafael Trobo


I've been making music since I can remember. I am Uruguayan, 51 years old and lately I have been going through a difficult stage of my life. The band Grande Elenco

accepted me as a veteran musician and it has been rejuvenating. I come from a family of musicians and I lived in New York for most of my life, and among many works I was a producer of artists and musicians of different genres, even winning some awards for advertising productions in Uruguay. Today I live in Rio working with music, producing, playing, and participating, as a bass player, in this great band that continues to grow day by day.

Miguel Bestard

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I contribute to the band as the guitarist and musical producer. aside from participating in countless bands, I also have accompanied high level artists like 

Rodrigo Suricato and Paulinho Moska. in addition I also produce artists and projects that really touch me and I can get involved musically and emotionally with. In Uruguay, my homeland, I went through the SNAKE band where I had the opportunity to open a show for Aerosmith. At the Centenário Stadium, in Brazil, I played at Lollapalooza with other big names in international music, besides being part of the cast of musicians from the Popstar program on TV Globo. I believe that the band Grande Elenco is a very special project where I can express myself and I am welcome to create and help as I think best. With this we have grown as a band and developed our own sound and identity.

Davi Assis


Ever since I was a little boy, I would turn what I saw in front of me into a drum. Even as a child, I assembled a group of buckets and pans making my own drum set and did not need anything else to be happy. As a teenager I was willing to participate in bands of different styles in order to satisfy my desire to play. I currently live in Rio de Janeiro since 2007, I am a drummer and percussionist teacher at a music school and a drummer for the band Grande Elenco.

I was born in the 90s in the city of Salvador located in Bahia- Brazil, I always had a passion for music, more specifically in the sound of drums.